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discount dental implantsMany years ago the first dental implants were made from shell. Today they are made from titanium which has many special qualities that make it the ideal choice for this purpose. Titanium is corrosion free and resistant to salt solutions, acids and oxygen. It’s also very strong for its weight and practically non magnetic. Most importantly, the human body doesn’t reject titanium implants and in fact the bone begins to grow around an implant in a process known as osseointegration.

Your implant dentist will decide on which type of implant to use based on the quality of your bone and whether you are having a crown, denture or bridge placed on top.

There are several types of implants, namely:

Root-Form Implant

Endosteal implants, as these type of implants are known, because they are inserted into the bone, are the most common. They look a bit like thick screws or cones and come in varying widths and lengths. To be successful the bone needs to have sufficient width and depth to provide a stable foundation.

Ramus-frame implant

If your bottom jaw bone is too narrow to hold a root implant then your dental implants specialist may suggest using a ramus frame implant. This type of implant is inserted towards the back of the jawbone in the corners close to the chin  and near to the wisdom teeth. Once it has been implanted and the gums have healed, a thin metal bar can be seen sitting on top of the gum. Dentures will then be made to sit onto this bar. Ramus frames implants can also be used to strengthen weak jaws and prevent them from cracking.

 Blade form implant

Also referred to as a plate form implant, this type of implant is also placed in the bone but is not used as often as a root form implant. Basically it is a flat metal rectangle with a couple of metal prongs edging out from the longest side. The implant is placed into the jaw bone so that the prongs are protruding above the gum and will support either crowns or bridges.

Implant costs vary according to the type of implant you are receiving, where it is being placed and where you are having surgery. Discount dental implants can be sourced on line but always ask plenty of questions at your consultation to ensure that your dentist has the relevant implant experience or whether a team of dentists will be carrying out the dental implant procedure. Word of mouth is invariably the best way to make your choice.