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Dental ImplantsDental implants have rapidly become a practical solution for those people who are missing teeth or have damaged their teeth which would traditionally have been treated using crowns, dentures or bridge work. There are plenty of reasons why teeth may be missing, and this could be a sporting injury, gum disease or simply the aging process. Today, affordable dental implants are one of the top choices for replacing missing teeth. There are many benefits to using implants besides the fact that they closely resemble a person’s natural teeth.

Prevent progressive bone loss

When a person loses a tooth or teeth, the bone begins to dissolve and melt away. This can cause the face to sag and the jaw line to lose its definition. The dental implant procedure involves replacing a missing tooth with an implant which mimics a natural tooth root and prevents the bone from fading away. This can be of great benefit to someone who is needing to have teeth replaced because of gum disease and bone loss.

Improved speech

Dentures don’t prevent the gums and jaw bones from shrinking and as a result dentures that at first fitted properly begin to move around. This has the effect of the facial muscles having to tense to hold the dentures in place and can cause a person to sound like they are slurring their words or mumbling. This doesn’t bear well for a person’s confidence.

 Confident eating

Because implants are attached to the bone they hold many advantages over other replacement methods. Most patients find that it is easier to bite into and chew their food without the risk of their teeth popping out when they are eating tough foods. This is confidence boosting for anyone who has found their diets limited because of worry about their dentures falling out. Also, there is no nasty taste in the mouth from adhesive commonly used to keep dentures in place.

 Non irritating

Another common complaint is that dentures can irritate the gums and cause sensitivity as a result of friction from ill fitting. This doesn’t happen with implants since your implant dentist won’t have to use clasps to hold the teeth in place as is the case with some oral devices. This can put pressure on natural teeth. Also with other types of replacement teeth, it is necessary to file down healthy teeth in order to fit the dentures. This isn’t the case with implants since they are sized properly in order to fit your mouth.

 Low cost dental implants

It used to be that implants were extremely expensive but thanks to our innovative scheme we can match patients with participating dentists in their area who are part of our scheme to offer high quality discount dental implants which cost from as little as $1,999. Why not fill out the form to find a dental implant clinic near you.