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low cost dental implantsWith the sorry state of today’s economy, the cost for dental implants is a major concern to patients. At present, implants are the first choice for patients looking to replace damaged or missing teeth.

We’ve come up with an innovative idea which puts prospective patients in touch with local dentists in their area who are participating in our discount dental implants scheme. All you need do is fill in your details and let us do the rest. It takes away the hassle of numerous phone calls to try and find an affordable price in your area. Our dental implants price starts at $1,999 which is a very competitive price.


So what are the benefits of dental implants and how can they improve your life?

More comfortable

Ask most people who wear dentures or have bridgework and they will tell you that they can be very uncomfortable. Sitting on top of the jaw bone and gums they tend to move, with the result that they rub and make the mouth feel tender and sore. Also since the tooth root is missing, the jaw begins to shrink which affects the fit of the dentures. Implants, on the other hand, act as a replacement tooth root and preserve the bone. They also provide a stable anchor for either a single tooth or a denture to be placed so that it doesn’t move.

Renewed confidence

If you have damaged teeth or are missing a tooth or teeth, you understand how you feel self conscious when you smile and the other person can see your teeth. Instead you try to hide your smile behind your hand or give a sort of tight lipped grimace. A dental implants dentist will take a mold of your mouth to use so that he can build a replacement tooth or teeth out of porcelain which perfectly match your remaining teeth. He will also stain them to match the shade, so that when you smile you show off a set of gleaming, even teeth which light up your face. Now how confidence boosting is that?

 Look younger

As mentioned above, when teeth are missing the jaw bone begins to deteriorate and the bone starts to dissolve. This has the effect of making the jaw line sag which can be very aging. The dental implant procedure will instantly make the jaw bone look firmer taking years off your appearance.

Enjoy more foods

People with dentures struggle to eat certain foods which require a lot of biting and chewing and there can be nothing more embarrassing than your dentures coming away from your mouth and becoming embedded in an apple. Most denture wearers use an adhesive to prevent this from happening but that can leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth and taint your food. Your new teeth will be screwed or cemented onto the implant post, or in the case of a denture hooked well over the post so that it cannot move, which means you can enjoy a whole new range of foods which you were frightened to eat before, or simply couldn’t eat.

Coherent speech

You may have found that dentures have made you mumble. This is due to the fact that the dentures constantly move which means your facial muscles have to tighten to hold them in place and this has the effect of making your speech sound slurred or incoherent. Having teeth firmly in place will give you back your speech and make sure that you are clearly understood.

Affordable dental implants are long lasting and although they may still seem expensive when compared to a set of conventional dentures or bridgework, considering the benefits and the fact they will last for many years, as an investment, it’s pretty much a no brainer. So why not change your life for the better?