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Implant DentistIf you’re considering dental implants then you might well be wondering how to choose the best implant dentist. Our innovative nationwide scheme puts you in touch with professional, licensed dentists who are participants in our discount dental implants program.

Modern implant dental technology has been around for over 40 years and is one of the safest and most effective methods for replacing teeth and preserving the jaw bone. Nevertheless, dental implant surgery is a serious process and it’s important to choose your provider carefully.

Here are a few tips to help you choose wisely:

 Implant dentistry consists of multi disciplines

Because implant dentistry is not a single process since there is a surgical phase and a restorative phase, there is no such thing as a dental implants specialist. The process may involve a team of dentists, one being a surgical doctor and the other a restorative doctor. The other alternative is that one dentist may carry out both processes. In either event they need to have a good grasp on the fundamentals of planning the treatment.

 Check out their experience

Don’t be shy. Be sure to ask how much experience he has in implant dentistry. A weekend course and certificate is not enough to provide the best implant procedure and care. Some dentists may have gained their implant training whilst following a speciality degree course such as Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Peridontology or Prosthodontics. Whilst others could have attended a post graduate full year program in implant dentistry.

How many implants have they fitted

A well regarded dental implant dentist fits implants day in day out so be wary if he says he has only fitted a few in the past month or year.

Ask for brochures or photos

Ask if they have any literature you can take away with you as well as any before and after shots. A practice which deals with implants on a regular basis should have these readily available and not have to search for them.

Other credentials

Before visiting any dentist you need to check the following points:

  • That they are in possession of a current dental license
  • That they have adequate malpractice insurance coverage
  • They have advanced training in implant dentistry
  • They are experienced in the discipline of implant dentistry


As with any business good feedback from previous clients is invaluable and a good basis on which to make your choice. Your dentist may have a website with customer testimonials on it and you could also ask if you could speak with other patients to see if he has the skills to deliver a top notch service with kindness and compassion.

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