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If you are asking the question can a dentist fit a dental implant? then the answer is both yes and no. By this I mean that a dentist can fit a dental implant, however this is on the proviso that they have acquired the level of training in order for them to do so. In many countries including the US, dentists specialize in fitting dental implants, or alternatively many professionals such as a prosthodontist or an oral implantologist can do this but in some cases the law requires them  to be trained in regular dentistry as a prerequisite.

So who is involved?

For the majority of people, when they visit a dental implants dentist the entire procedure will require two visits. Often the first stage is the most evasive of the procedures and is the fitting of the implant itself. This involves a titanium screw being secured into the bone structure. This can either be done by the prosthodontist or oral implantologist, or alternatively by a periodontist (oral surgeon). Once the titanium screw/s are in place the patient will have to wait anywhere from 3 -9 months whilst the implant is correctly loaded or is ‘taking’ to the bone. During this time they may be required to attend check up’s to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

If after a period of time all is well, then the second part or main visit to the dental implant clinic could mean that they see a restorative dentist (this is if they saw a periodontist or oral surgeon on their first visit). It is they who will then fit the porcelain crowns onto the abutments in order to finish the dental implant procedure

If on the other hand an oral implantologist or prosthodontist, carried out the first stage of the procedure, then since they are trained to carry out the whole process from start to finish no one else will be involved.

Although finding a dental implants specialist to fit the best dental implants for you can seem a little complex, in effect it’s fairly straight forward, provided that you know exactly what to expect and whom you can expect to see.

The cost for dental implants tends to vary quite a lot depending upon where you are located and who is fitting your implant. It is fair to say that if you decide to go for the ‘two specialist’ approach, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to be more expensive. So if you are looking for discount dental implants, then you may need to shop around.