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Dental implants act like replacement tooth roots and are planted into the jaw bone to support and stabilize a replacement tooth or teeth. The dental implant procedure is a type of prosthetic dentistry but is cosmetic too.

Anyone who has gaps where their teeth once were may feel self conscious when it comes to smiling and in cases where biting irregularities occur, this can lead to eating problems and possibly even malnutrition as a result.

By attaching a false tooth or teeth to implants, people will be able to bite and chew their food with ease. In addition, the presence of these “new tooth roots” will actively stimulate the jaw bone and help to prevent bone loss and improve the face structure. The best dental implants can make a person look years younger.

To find out whether implants are right for you, a consultation will be necessary with a dental implant dentist or it could be a team consisting of your local dentist, an oral surgeon and/or a prosthodontist or periodontist. During this consultation your dentist will take a good look inside your mouth. He will look closely at your gums and teeth and evaluate the quantity and density of bone. This can involve CT scans and X rays to make sure there is ample bone structure in which to place the implant, as well as determining the position of the implant.

According to the condition of your gums, your oral hygiene, and your commitment to follow all of the after care practices necessary, your dentist will discuss the best course of action to take. If you don’t have enough gum tissue, you may need a soft tissue or bone graft and possibly the use of small diameter implants, also known as mini implants.

Depending on your personal circumstances, your dentist will be able to tell you just how long the entire process is likely to take, how many appointments you will need and what you should expect after each visit. He will also discuss with you the options of being sedated throughout the implant procedure or of using a local anaesthetic which is the more common option.

So now you know what to expect at the consultation, you probably want to know how much do dental implants cost? Well implants can cost anywhere between $900 for cheap dental implants and $5,000 per implant depending on the type of implant, the dentist performing the implant procedure, and whereabouts the dentistry is taking place.