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Despite improvements in dental care in the US millions of Americans still lose teeth for a variety of reasons, namely:

Eating and drinking the wrong foods on a regular basis, including too much candy and soda

  • Gum disease caused by incorrect brushing and poor oral health
  • Decay
  • Injury
  • Old age

Dental implants are widely becoming the choice of people seeking to regain their smiles, improve their speech and be able to bite and chew properly once more.

Not so very long ago implants were exorbitantly expensive and available only to the rich but these days the cost for dental implants has lowered significantly and with some research you can find affordable dental implants which are every bit as good as more expensive ones.

Your dental implants dentist isn’t the only person to look after your new teeth. Indeed, after having your teeth fitted, most of the care will be down to you. Since your implant has become a permanent fixture and looks and functions just like your natural teeth, then you have to follow good dental procedures or risk having to pay out for yet more implants.

Here are a few tips:

 Use an electric tooth brush

Although manual brushing can be effective the results are even better with an electric toothbrush. With an implant just as with natural teeth it is important to brush properly to remove plaque and any particles of food which may be sitting in between teeth and can cause bacteria to grow.


Flossing is a necessary part of cleaning both your natural teeth and your implants. Take care to gently wiggle dental floss up and down between and around the teeth to remove any particles of food which if left can cause decay.

Gargle regularly

Gargling with a good mouthwash not only makes your mouth feel clean and keeps your breath fresh but it reaches parts that your tooth brush can’t and kills any bacteria which may be lurking. It can also reduce the build up of plaque which can be very damaging for implants. Gargling with warm salt water, if you don’t have any mouthwash to hand, is also effective at keeping the mouth clean and free from germs.

 Have regular professional cleaning

Your implant dentist will recommend that you visit him regularly to have your implants checked as well as to have your entire mouth cleaned. This will prevent any build up of residues which could early damage to your implant. Your dentist can also check that the implants are still firmly in the correct position.

Dental implants surgery can be expensive depending on how many implants you are having and where in the jaw they are being positioned to use the above tips to ensure that your investment is protected. With proper care implants can last a lifetime.