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We’ve all heard stories of just how a visit to the dental implant dentist can can make a difference to oral problems such as missing teeth, ill fitting dentures and dodgy crowns, but it is also true that a professional job done by a dental implants specialist can actually improve your overall health. Here’s why?

In addition to boosting the self confidence of the patient in question, implants can also make a real difference to your appearance and indeed physical health. For example, as a direct result of losing one or more of your natural teeth, it will inevitably affect how your jaw sits and as a result it is possible to lose jaw mass too. The overall facial structure is also likely to change and could result in a drooping jowl or muscle and also a thinning of the lips.

Internally oral problems such as a lack of teeth can cause bone loss in the jaw which in turn affect the gums and ridges inside of the mouth. On top of this the muscles and nerves located inside of the mouth can become desensitized. Other problems can be an increase in tongue size and also a loosening of the remaining teeth can occur.

The great thing about affordable dental implants are that they can halt the bone loss and even reverse the process.

So how do they do this?

All bone needs stimulation in order to maintain its form and density.  This is the reason why all astronauts lose bone mass when they are suspended two-three hundred nautical miles above the earth. Similarly the bone in your jaw has to be continuously reinforced by the natural force applied by your teeth. In other words the force is transferred from the teeth to your jaw bone in order for it to not lose density and form. If you happen to lose a tooth, the lack of force or stimulation allows bone loss to occur.

During the dental implant procedure a titanium screw to which the porcelain tooth is attached is implanted into the bone. This then tricks the bone into thinking there is a real tooth present and when the natural forces such as chewing are applied, it can stimulate the regrowth of bone.

So there you have it, not only are low cost dental implants good value for money in that they can last a lifetime, but they can also improve your overall health and well-being, both outside and in.