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 Dental implants can be a dream for some people, not because of the price but because they are not suitable as a candidate. Even if a person is willing to endure the lengthy dental implant procedure and has the dollars to pay, this may still not be enough, and if he or she doesn’t pass the necessary tests, then having implants is never going to become a reality. So what are the criteria necessary to be eligible for dental implants surgery?

Age limit

Generally speaking anyone between the age of 9-99 could be eligible for implants provided that their jaw is fully grown. However, as patients grow older their chances of having successful implants lessens since the bones begin to weaken and the healing process can take considerably longer. Ultimately it will depend on the strength and amount of bone remaining plus the individual’s health.

Health of the bone

When teeth fall out or are extracted, the bone beneath begins to deteriorate and dissolve away altogether. Since the whole purpose of an implant is for it to be screwed into the jaw bone and fuse with it, acting as an artificial tooth root, it is essential that the dental implants specialist checks the health and density of the bone remaining. The less bone there is, the less chance of the implant remaining securely in place.

In some cases to prevent a person from being denied an implant, the dental implant dentist may suggest a bone graft. This a process where more bone is added, perhaps taken from the hip, to increase the density and give the implant a better chance of success. Each individual will be assessed separately to see if this process is a viable option.

Oral Health

A person has to have good oral health. In order words his gums and the whole of his mouth has to be healthy enough to accept a foreign body (i.e. the titanium implant). Heavy smokers may well be turned down since smoking can have an adverse effect on implants.


To prevent any dental implants problems, your dentist will need to know your medical background and whether you are suffering from any diseases such as heart problems, uncontrolled diabetes, and whether you have had chemotherapy or radiotherapy in the head or neck area. Dental implants can involve several surgeries therefore it is vital for the body to be able to cope with wounds and the healing process.


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