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Dental ImplantsDental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth and consist of posts made from titanium which are secured into the jaw bone and then crowned with individual replacement teeth or a bridge which is cemented or screwed into the post. The technology and materials used for implants in the United States were first developed over 30 years ago in Europe. Implants have a very high success rate which stands at 91% for top implants and 98% for bottom implants.

Implants are very hard wearing and should last for many years. They need the same care and attention as real teeth which means regular brushing and flossing as well as periodic dental examinations. An implant dentist can successfully restore anyone’s smile even if their teeth have been lost because of illness or injury.

Almost anyone who can have routine dental work carried out can successfully use implants. Many people who consider having implants are people who already wear lower or upper removable dentures or who wear a bridge which clasps over other teeth. For people who wear complete dentures the dental implant procedure is for them to have a permanent bridge which is supported by two to four metal posts secured in the jaw topped with a conventional denture for the upper jaw. Implants include either one, two or several strategically placed posts which act as artificial tooth roots supporting a permanent bridge made up of non removable natural looking replacement teeth, in those instances where people have several of their own teeth remaining. A removable bridge which has been worn by people losing one tooth or several teeth because of damage or illness can also be replaced with dental implants. It can either be replaced with a permanent fixed bridge or with an over denture in cases where the face may need more support.

To ensure the very best results prospective patients will be screened first by a dental implants specialist. Usually a team will include a periodontist or a maxillofacial or oral surgeon who places the post or posts in the jaw and a prosthodontist whose job it is to design and make the permanent bridge or replacement teeth. At the screening appointment an X ray will be taken of the patient’s mouth to ascertain whether the jaw bone is strong enough to hold the titanium posts. A soft compound will also be used to make models of the mouth. These models are used to show the exact positioning of the posts and to work out the measurements for the replacement teeth or bridge.

It’s a long process which involves meticulous planning and further models of the mouth and X rays may be required. The whole process from the placement of the posts to the final restoration can take between three to twelve months depending on the individual.

So how much do dental implants cost? It used to be that implants were very expensive and often beyond the reach of ordinary people. However, our innovative marketing system which connects potential patients with participating dentists offers discount dental implants starting from as little as $1,999. So why not check us out and bring a bright new smile to your face.