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affordable dental implantsMissing teeth can have a huge impact on your life, lowering your self esteem and self confidence and also creating problems when it come to chewing your food. Whether you’ve lost teeth from gum disease, trauma or simply from aging, missing teeth is a problem which can’t be ignored and needs to be addressed in order to maintain your quality of life. Many people think that removable dentures are the best and, indeed their only option, since surely more sophisticated options would fall outside of their budget.

Low cost dental implants can be your best choice for several reasons:


The dental implant procedure can restore your confidence and self worth by replacing your missing teeth and allowing you to smile broadly without having to resort to a smile with your lips clasped firmly together. What’s more, because implants are fixed into your jawbone there’s no embarrassing slurring or clicking like you can get with dentures.

Dental implants are similar to tooth roots in that they stabilize the bone on to which they extend. Teeth are encased in a bone called the alveolar bone which develops as soon as teeth are produced. If teeth are lost then the bone will dissolve away giving the appearance of gums, bones and even lips collapsing. An implant made of titanium will use bio chemical methods to join with the alveolar bone taking the place of the original tooth root and preventing the bone from melting away.

 Supporting adjacent teeth

Teeth work together as a collective group and if one is missing then the others will gradually shift position and can effect a person’s ability to bite, chew and speak as well as altering their appearance. An implant dentist will craft a replica tooth which will replace the missing tooth and ensure your teeth continue to work in harmony.

 Easy to keep clean

Because implants are as similar as they can possibly be to real teeth, they can be cleaned with the usual brushing and flossing methods associated with your real teeth. When it comes to bed time this has to be preferable to soaking your dentures in a solution over night, right!


Once you’ve lost teeth it becomes even more important to protect your remaining teeth. Other tooth replacement options like bridges or part dentures, necessitates the grinding down of other teeth so that the dental work can be fixed to them. With the removal of tooth enamel, this can cause a health risk to the remaining teeth.

So, there you have it. Five reasons why you should visit a dental implant clinic if you have missing teeth.