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Dental ImplantsDental implants are a type of replacement tooth or teeth which are widely available for people who have missing teeth or who require extraction. This can be for a number of reasons including decay, infection and damage down into the root itself. The implants are titanium rods which are inserted into the patient’s jawbone and which then serve as support for a porcelain crown to be fixed to. The dental implant procedure is quite straight forward but each person’s case can be slightly different. The differences are based on age, density of the bone, and the factors that have caused the patient to need an implant. Because this procedure varies from patient to patient, there are a few rumors and myths that have come about as a result.

The second myth is that you may not have sufficient bone to be a successful candidate for an implant. You needn’t worry about this even if you are looking to have implants following traumatic injury to your face. The dental implants specialist will carry out X rays to see what bone you do have left and its strength. They will look to place the implant where the bone is at its strongest. In the worse case scenario you may need to have a bone graft which can be taken from your own body or that of a donor. Finally there will be a rest time of around three months to give your gums time to heal and for the implant to successfully attach itself to the bone.

The third myth is that your implants won’t stay in place, causing the prosthetic teeth to collapse, and then you won’t be able to have any teeth there ever. The use of FDA approved products greatly allays this risk plus your careful choice of a dental implants dentist. Being sure to choose a licensed dentist who has the necessary qualifications and experience of implants, will ensure your safety and successful implant. The only way your implant may fail is if you sustain a facial blow or if your jaw bone were to continue to deteriorate as you age. The great news is that provided there is sufficient bone after such a loss or injury, you could still try again.

We offer affordable dental implants which are available for all ages. So why not talk to a dentist in your area and look to get your smile back again.